Understanding Change Dynamics and Managing Organizational Complexity



This workshop is about understanding managing change in current complex organisations. In particular this workshop will emphasize critical awareness of factors that may influence one’s ability to lead change effectively and sustainably. It will also focus on demonstrate competencies in organisational analysis and diagnosis, especially in the current complex business environment. Moreover, it will examine appropriate ways of dealing with resistance to change as well as evaluate appropriate strategies for leading organisational change initiatives.

Audience and goals:

General managers. After attending the seminar participants will have a deep grasp of the following issues:

1.Drivers of Change

2. The psychological and emotional cycle of change

3. Organizational change and evolution

4. Why Complexity & Chaos Management?

5. How complexity works?

6. Towards a framework of managing complex change within organisations


Qualitative Discussion-Oriented Lectures; Specific exercises and simulation games.


This is a 2 days seminar
Day 1:  09:00-16:00.

• Session 1: Understand drivers of change.

•Session 2: The psychological and emotional cycle of change.

•Session 3: Organizational change and evolution.

•Session 4: Group activity.

Day 2:  09:00-16:00.

• Session 1: Complexity & chaos management.

• Session 2: How complexity works?

• Session 3: Managing complex change within organisations.

• Session 4: Group Activity – Concluding Remarks.