The Human Brain: Marketing’s New Frontier



This seminar is about challenging key assumptions in marketing that led to years of wrong decisions, meaningless marketing actions and half-baked results. By focusing on the human brain, on the latest neurological discoveries an on numerous examples from the global market, Dr. Dimitriadis will declare the end of what he calls “common-sense marketing” and the dawn of a new marketer: a marketer capable of understanding customers deeper and delivering more value to brands and companies. The time for a new marketing model is now!

Audience and goals:

Seasoned marketing, sales, research, web and communications professionals from both companies and agencies. Two years of experience minimum in related fields. Previous marketing training education/training preferred but not necessary. The seminar will:

1. Assess the current condition of the marketing profession, practice and science.

2. Highlight shortcomings, misunderstandings, stereotypes and myths.

3. Explain the human brain and its relation to marketing. Reveal how brands really work within the brain.

4. Through the use of examples, discuss various aspects of brain rules and processes.

5. Discuss the impact on marketing research, communications, sales and to the overall marketing process.

6. Provide a comprehensive model for approaching and applying brain-based marketing


Qualitative Discussion-Oriented Lectures; Case Studies; Audio-Visual and Presentation.


This is a half day seminar, 09:00-13:00.