Motivating your People in Practice



An old saying states “You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. The same applies for employees. Leaders and managers are thought to exert immense efforts to motivate their employees. However, this, in many situations, is not really the case. The desired employees’ behaviors might come only through an integrative approach to motivation. In many situations, managers make the assumption that by providing a salary, good working conditions and potentially bonuses they will influence employees’ behavior and energize them to succeed in their goals. Even in economies in recession where unemployment is high, or in public organizations where employment is secure, the critical issue is not just to deliver but to deliver excellently. We use an integrative framework of the most recent and applicable approaches to motivation such as the 4 Drives of Motivation, The Job Characteristics Model and its development by Daniel Pink.

Audience and goals:

The course is intended for a broad audience of executives, middle managers, administrators, first line managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs, or anyone seeking to deepen his knowledge on motivation. After participating in this course, you should expect to:

1. Distinguish the different critical levels of motivation.

2. Design practical motivation schemes and adopt motivating behaviors that will guide you and your employees to success.

3. Master the ability to set the right expectations.

4. Inspire a high performance mindset.


Qualitative Discussion-Oriented Lectures; Case Studies; Audio-Visual and Presentation.


This is a 1 day seminar, 09:00-16:00.