Inspired Leaders Network


Welcome to the Inspired Leaders Network Experience

Founded over a decade ago it presents the very best leaders from UK and beyond to a hungry and expectant audience.

Events are organised approximately every six weeks with thought leaders or expert practitioners who are interviewed in front of a VIP audience of approximately 100 senior business executives.

Recent guest panellists have included Peter Cheese, Chief Executive CIPD, Jean Tomlin, former HR Director London 2012 and Allan Leighton former CEO of ASDA to name but a few.

With a straightforward and compelling formula, an Inspired Leaders Network evening offers a unique, ‘up close and personal’ chance to hear from some of the world’s most successful and inspiring leaders; providing genuine insight as they recount both their successes and their failures on their way to the top

And who better to guide them through and coax out the learning moments and experiences than one of our facilitators, the internationally renowned business guru and media personality, René Carayol.

He has chaired and addressed conferences across the world in every business sector and has conducted live onstage interviews with influential figures ranging from Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev and Colin Powell to Sven-Göran Eriksson, Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Richard Branson. He knows how to get the best out of them.

But it’s not just the experts talking on the night. Following on from their interview, there is the
unflinching, provocative and hugely revealing question and answer session and as there is a live Twitter feed, there is also excellent real-time feedback.

And this is where the magic lies; it is the chance for the audience to ask their own probing questions and express their opinions. It is an unrivalled learning curve for everyone involved; with plenty of time for networking and forging new business relationships over drinks and canapés. It could just be the competitive advantage you are looking for.

Events have been hosted across London at business schools including Cass, BPP and company’s such as Mckinsey & Co and many more.

The Inspired Leaders Network has also hosted events in South, Africa, Ghana and Botswana with its associate partners.

The events presented are thought provoking and inspiring and If you see yourself as a leader or a leader in the making, and you are keen to grow further, share and explore new thoughts with like-minded individuals, then these events are for you.
The Inspired Leaders Network is also pleased to offer a number of products across the management leadership and business transformation spectrum.

Master Classes – in the Art of PublicSpeaking

• Practical tips, techniques and feedback to help executives develop this important and necessary skill.
• The delivery of a Master Class involves practical sessions that are filmed and can be designed for senior individuals or groups.
•These classes are delivered by a gifted public speaker; René Carayol who has delivered over 80 keynote talks a year for the past 10 years across four different continents.

The Learning Journey

• The Inspired Leaders Network Learning Journey is a minimum two day trip to the heart of London’s prestigious business centre; visiting and exploring a range of global icons and cutting edge corporations that are ‘best in class’ in utilising technology, developing compelling cultures and driving unprecedented business transformation campaigns through leadership.

• René Carayol is the first choice facilitator who will host each meeting providing ‘colour commentary’ to ensure that individual participants get what they need as well as the group as a whole. He will provoke, challenge and get to the real business issues as well as providing ample opportunity for open discussion and interaction


• A lecture or set of lectures to introduce, advise or educate on a particular issue relating to leadership, followed by a Q & A session
• Commissioned by corporate organisations and tailored to meet a specific brief.


• Themes, topics and content are agreed and then tailored and or commissioned. The workshop chair will be nominated by the Inspired Leaders Network with our lead person being René Carayol.