Preparing Key Management for Change



Change is a part of everyday organizational life yet, during times of crisis, the need to change quickly and effectively becomes even more paramount.  What experience has taught us, based on past crises situations, is that one of the biggest, and most critical, obstacles to change are organizations and people themselves. Hence, this innovative workshop and seminar will focus on the people side of change with a view towards breaking through the resistance to change and leading towards persistence of change – where people actively seek out change.

Audience and goals:

Key Managers / Supervisors (Approximately 25 participants – Maximum 30 participants). Participants will leave with a new and deeper appreciation of change processes which serve as a guide towards current and future change developments in their organizations.  Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to support change in organizations through people based on organizational and context specific implementation of behaviors and the tools to support people through change.


Active Learning; Case Studies; Audio-Visual; Group Analysis; Qualitative Discussion and Presentation


Day 1:  08:00 – 17:00

• What is organizational change and how do organizations change?

• Types of organizational change

• Designing change systems

• What do people want during change?

Day 2:  08:00 – 15:00

• Understanding why people resist change

• The role of people support during the change process

• Developing a personalized support process

• Wrap-Up and point forward to the next change